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RHP™ AutoShip Program

AutoShip Benefits

    Save from 10 to 20% on all our products.
    Never run out of supply.
    Free RHP® Pain Relief Formula with your first AutoShip order*.
    Reminders before your order ships.
    Change schedule at any time.
    No cancellation fees, minimum orders, or obligations.

Joining AutoShip is Easy!

Step 1: Pick Products

All Real Health Products offered

Step 2: Pick schedule

✓ Custom Schedule
✓ By Day
✓ By Month

Step 3: Pick Start Date

Any of the products offered by Real Health Products can be added to the AutoShip program for a discount. You can receive any of our products on a any schedule. We can match your schedule to the amount you are taking. The schedule is tailored for YOU, and can be adjusted at any time. Schedule the date to start your AutoShip orders. This can be any time in the future, or starting immediately.

You're Done!

AutoShip Savings Available

20% off

10% off

Nerve Support Autoship Cost: $35.36

Nerve Support

Extra Strength Nerve Support Autoship Cost: $36.16

Extra Strength Nerve Support

Advanced Nerve Support Autoship Cost: $36.16

Advanced Nerve Support

Life Support Autoship Cost: $30.96

Life Support Formula

PetRemedy Glucose Support Autoship Cost: $61.36

PetRemedy Glucose Support

Blood Vessel Support Autoship Cost: $44.73

Blood Vessel Support

Carb Control Autoship Cost: $31.23

Carb Control

Fish Oil Autoship Cost: $21.33

Cold Water Fish Oil

Glucose Support Autoship Cost: $40.23

Glucose Support

Joint Support Autoship Cost: $42.93

Joint Support

Nerve & Energy Booster Autoship Cost: $26.28

Nerve & Energy Booster

Pain Relief Formula Autoship Cost: $33.93

Pain Relief

Real Energy Autoship Cost: $33.75

Real Energy

Sinus Relief Autoship Cost: $29.43

Sinus Relief

Sleep Support Autoship Cost: $30.33

Sleep Support

Vitamin C Autoship Cost: $22.23

Vitamin C

Cholesterol Support Autoship Cost: $29.43

Cholesterol Support

Bone Support Autoship Cost: $29.88

Bone Support


Upon request, we will send email reminders 1 week prior to every order, or mail you a reminder letter 2 weeks prior to every order to the address provided. If you need a different frequency of reminders, contact us by calling (888) 580-9390 or email


AutoShip can be cancelled at any time, by calling (888) 580-9390 or sending an email to

AutoShip discounts only apply to customers who have ordered before. First-time customers wishing to receive the AutoShip discount must waive our 90-day money-back guarantee.


* Complimentary Pain Relief Formula not included with individual orders of Carb Control Formula, Cold Water Fish Oil, Pain Relief Formula, Pet Remedy Glucose Support Formula, Real Energy Drink or Sinus Relief Formula.